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Haunted houses in Dallas

It’s Halloween time again, and this year make sure it’s one to remember thanks to the spectacular haunted houses in Dallas. After all, it’s easy to see why so many people look forward to Halloween every year. What, with all the spookiness, partying and candy out on the streets, how could you not like this holiday? And best of all, Halloween is the perfect holiday for the entire family. The kids get to live out some of their wildest dreams by dressing up as their favorite characters, animals or even their favorite madman. But it’s great for young adults as well. Halloween is one the biggest party nights in college towns, and thanks to all the attractions going on in Dallas around this time of year, it’s a great city-wide event. Even older adults can partake in the fun. Sure, it’s fun to plan your child’s Halloween costume and turn those adorable faces into terrifying visages, but there are tons of attractions for adults. Halloween wine tours, haunted house journeys and haunted hayrides all pop up around Dallas. While it’s always great to get your cut of your kid’s Halloween candy, instead of settling on taking the kid’s trick or treating this year, plan a great night out at some of the crazy Dallas haunted houses.

In Dallas, you’ll find all sorts of haunted houses. From typical haunted houses that offer a few scares with nothing over the top to some of the sick and twisted haunted houses you can find, there’s enough to scare anybody down to the bone. While standard haunted houses are hardly enough to scare most adults, they offer stunning special effects and props and are typically a bit more family friendly. But if you’re looking for a truly terrifying experience, you have to look a bit further. You can find Dallas haunted houses that put you right into the act as you try to keep your sanity intact as you wander through blood-spattered halls with disgusting creepy-crawlies following you the whole way. For this type of haunted house, the Slaughterhouse in Dallas proper is one of the area’s best. With over 16,000 sq. feet, it’s also one of the city’s largest haunted houses. Sick clowns, demented families and terrifying apparitions all play their part into making this one of the scariest Halloween events in the entire state.

On the other hand, if you’re looking more for the ambiance of terror as opposed to coming up close and personal to some of your worst nightmares, an outdoor haunted house attraction is your best bet. Outdoor haunted attractions, like cornstalk mazes and even some incredible outdoor wasteland attractions are right around the corner. Take advantage of the last great weather fall has to offer and visit one of these attractions. The Dark Path Haunt is a perfect example. With only one flashlight and an entire pitch-black forest to navigate through, your group will certainly be scared to their very core. And if you want your group to arrive there in the perfect mood, book a trip on a party bus.

Although you most often see party buses being used for, well, parties, a haunted house expedition is a perfect idea. See all the scary Dallas haunted houses your group can manage and even set the perfect tone for a night of terror on your party bus. Put on some spooky music, make a few Halloween-inspired snacks and even put on a scary movie, and you’ve just set the perfect pre-spook ambiance. And for the adults: No need to worry if the haunted house sells alcohol or food. With a party bus, you can have all the drinks you need to keep calm as you trudge through a haunted mansion or an abandoned forest.