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Restaurant & Bar Guide for Garland, TX

Babe's Chicken Dinner House

1456 Beltline Road, Suite 171
Garland, TX 75044-8223
(972) 496-1041

What great entertainment it is just to look at the menu at Babe's. There is such a nice variety of entrees to pick from and all of them are made from Grandma's recipes. One of their specialties is fried catfish which is served with green tomato relish. But don't fret because if you are the mood for say red meat, you will find everything from awesome rib eye to filet mignon. But one thing that no one can deny when they have an experience at Babe's is that everything is accomplished with quality in mind.

Siciliano's – A Taste of Italy

2210 W Buckingham Road
Garland, TX 75042-4900
(972) 276-8913

Who doesn't love great Italian food? This place is family owned and let's face it, restaurants don't hang around for years like this one has without doing something right. Your experience will start our beautifully as a server delivers some amazingly delicious rolls to your table. If you want to try one of their signature dishes on your first visit, then order lasagna or tortellini. If you are in a pizza kind of mood, you will find that as well. It won't take long to discover that the service staff has been well trained in customer service and in the art of making you feel special.


5445 George Bush Hwy (S.H. 190)
Garland, TX 75040
(972) 495-1200

When is the last time that you have visited a restaurant only to hear someone say that they use nothing but simple, honest and natural ingredients. Every single entree on the menu is from a made from scratch recipe. Nothing frozen to see here. Each meal is lovingly prepared with a lot of chopping, whisking, sauteing and stirring. They also understand that everyone likes to feel appreciated and that is exactly how you will feel at Cheddar's. The atmosphere only adds to your phenomenal experience because it is warm and welcoming. Get ready to savor every moment of your visit to Cheddar's.

Flying Saucer

4821 Bass Pro Drive
Garland, TX 75043
(972) 226-7468

Beer, beer and more beer. That really says all that needs to be said about this establishment. The beauty of this place is that you can sample as many different kinds of beers as you possibly can stand. If learning about types of beers is right up your alley, then you are going to love everything about this place. All of the servers are exceptionally knowledgeable about all things beer so feel free to pick their brain as much as you need to. The food is more on the simple fare side of things but it very tasty as well. But no worries because you come to a place like this to drink anyway.


600 Town Center Boulevard
Garland, TX 75040
(972) 530-7804

There are so many great things to say about Houlihan's. They have an amazingly varied menu and the prices are very reasonable. You could come here for weeks and have a different type of meal every time. It just really depends on what kind of mood you are in. For instance, one night you could have a phenomenal steak like filet mignon and the next night you could enjoy the Asian Chicken Salad. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the serving staff is both friendly and courteous. It is also a great place just to go and have drinks or dessert.

Gloria's Latin Cuisine

360 Coneflower Drive
Garland, TX 75040
(972) 526-5290

This place has long distinguished itself for having some of the tastiest food in the entire state of Texas. Everything they serve up is so full of flavor that your taste buds just don't know what to do. Everything they do here exudes confidence in the customer. The hostesses are very pleasant and they have an excellent bartender that can mix something of real quality up for you in no time. Everything and we mean everything is cooked to perfection. You can order something more on the unusual side or you can go with an old stand by like quesadilla. Also, you can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere where you won't be rushed to leave. This is a must try.