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We have been in business for a number of years and during that time we have worked our hardest to ensure that the people in the Dallas, Texas area and the surrounding counties are all given a fair chance at participating in our limo business. We realize that there are not many business you can trust these days, but we are here to earn your trust. We are here to build a relationship with you, not just conduct a one time transaction. And we are not just a company that has limos. We are much more than that and we hope it shows. We are a company that offers high quality services at the most affordable price possible.

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Dallas Limo is proud to announce additional vehicles to our ever growing fleet

There is no doubt that when you are looking for a transportation solution, you need it to be safe and you want it to provide as many bells and whistles as possible. Well, we fit that description perfectly. We promise you that all of our wonderful vehicles are well maintained and serviced by a certified mechanic. That means that you will have no trouble getting to where you need to be. We also hire the best of the best when it comes to professional drivers. They know the roads like the back of their hands and they also have GPS with them. But the true star of our show are the many wonderful amenities and features we have installed for you to play with. When they call our vehicles a party on wheels, there is a very good reason for it. And we promise you one thing, the party is never going to stop from the time that you step on to the time that you arrive back home.

It doesn't matter if you are seeking limo service for a school dance, wedding, or to use as a corporate airport shuttle. When you choose Dallas Limo you can rest assured that what you see is what you get. We're not going to pull the ol' bait and switch routine of showing you our "best" vehicle and on the day of service, a limo from 1988 rolls up. That's not what we do. We are honest, fair, and hard-working. Just like the great people of Dallas. All we ask from you is to give us a chance to show you what we can provide and we know you are going to be pleased. Contact us soon and we will be happy to take your event into the stratosphere.

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